Three Fall Landscaping Tasks

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A healthy spring landscape begins in the fall, when you’re faced with several important tasks to get the next season off on the right foot. Dig in during the coming weeks as you follow these tips for a healthy landscape in 2019!


A good fall cleanup will help prevent or at least lessen landscape problems next year. Try following these tips:


A layer of mulch performs many important functions for your lawn – insulating the soil against frigid temperatures, keeping roots moist, keeping weeds out, and preventing soil compaction, to name a few. Follow these mulching tips to promote a healthy landscape in 2019:


Fall is a great time for dividing and replanting perennials, while trees and shrubs can be purchased and planted throughout the fall and winter. Follow these fall planting tips:

Remember to keep new plantings well-watered during their first several weeks as they establish their roots.

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