Eight Ways to Use Less Water for Your Garden or Lawn

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As unpredictable as weather has become, it’s hard to know when water will become scarce here in Connecticut – but since water conservation is generally a good idea (for our municipalities and our wallets), it’s best to be armed with strategies that reduce how much water we need for the landscapes around our home and office.

The good news is that there are many simple and proven ways to save water when taking care of your garden and lawn. Here are eight of our favorites.

  1. Choose wisely. One of the best ways to conserve water in your garden is to choose plants that don’t need much of it in the first place. When it comes to needing less H2O, Aloe, Yucca, Verbena, Cacti, and other drought-resistant plants fit the bill.
  2. Downsize. Large plants and small trees may look dramatic, but they also soak in a lot of water. Choose smaller plant varieties to help you cut down on water use.
  3. Mulch. A thick layer of mulch will slow or stop evaporation and cool the ground, helping your soil to retain precious moisture.
  4. Water in the morning. Avoid watering your lawn or garden at the height of the afternoon heat; instead, water early in the day or the evening to reduce evaporation and water loss. An automated water timer can really help in this regard.
  5. Collect rainwater. Collected rainwater can be great way to supplement your garden water. Although it is actually illegal in some states to harvest rainwater, it is perfectly legal to do so in Connecticut – in fact, our state government encourages us to do it!
  6. Choose wisely (Part 2). Choose clay, wood, or plastic planters (metal pots retain heat and speed evaporation) that are large enough to support healthy growth but not so large that you need to over-water to reach the root systems.
  7. Follow Mother Nature’s lead. If rain is forecast, save your watering for another day.
  8. Don’t skip the weeding. Weeds steal valuable water from the plants you want to grow; be sure to remove them.

These great tips can save you water, money, and time (not to mention a plant or two). For more great tips – or to get a pro’s touch for your home or commercial landscape –contact the experts at Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields today.