Two Key Reasons to Add Landscape Lighting to Your Commercial Property

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Chances are you have spent a lot of time, effort and money to design the outside of your commercial property, and with good reason: the exterior of your space is typically the first place where people interact with your brand, and says a lot about your business and what it stands for.

But even though most businesses understand the importance of aesthetic choices for their commercial space – from the materials and signage they choose to the way they design and maintain their landscape features – one area many businesses skip (or skimp on) is outdoor lighting.

This is a big mistake.

Think about it: Your commercial property is completely visible during the daylight hours – signs are easy to read, the sun provides beautiful natural light and dramatic shadows for your greenery and flowers, and all your paths and walkways are well lit. But as nighttime approaches, your property becomes increasingly obscured; without proper lighting, potential customers will probably walk right past your space and never think twice about it (or your business).

Of course the impression your building makes on people is only one of the benefits of proper lighting for your commercial building; the other, perhaps more important reason to invest in proper lighting is safety. A well-lit property makes your employees and visitors feel more secure, and it minimizes tripping or other related accidents. Proper lighting also reduces vandalism and theft.

The bottom line

People remember a property that draws their interest, and well-designed lighting can do just that. By paying attention to detail and portraying a dramatic image at all hours of the day and night, you will make an impression that lingers in the mind of potential customers, planting seeds for future business. Lighting your property also shows that you care about the well-being of your community – another impression that people will remember about your company.

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