Preventing Heat Stress on Your Commercial Lawn

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When the summer heat gets to be too much for us, we can simply head off to the cool comfort of an air-conditioned home or refresh ourselves with a cold drink.

But your commercial landscape doesn’t have that luxury.

During the dog days, the greenery of your commercial property needs regular watering to remain healthy, vital, and hydrated in the constant summer heat.

Common signs of heat stress

Diligence is the key to keeping your commercial property properly maintained through the summer months. Watch for these signs of heat stress on your commercial property:

If your commercial lawn appears to be the worse for wear in the summer heat, contact the pros at Diamond Landscape to restore health to your green space.

In the meantime, follow these tips:

Is your commercial landscape suffering this summer? Contact the pros at Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields for a little greenery TLC.

*Brown spots can also be a sign of insect damage. Give the grass a tug – if it does not easily separate from the soil, it is probably a watering problem.