Eight Fall Landscaping Tips for Your Commercial Property

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As we near the final days of summer 2019, we’re already beginning to feel fall’s cooling touch on our evenings – and as that chilly weather arrives, it brings changes that will significantly affect the care of your commercial property.

Here are some tips for the coming weeks and months to help keep your commercial landscape looking good now and ready for next spring.

  1. Aerate your lawn – Aerating the soil not only helps your lawn breathe, it also allows nutrients and water to reach root systems.
  2. Consider overseeding – Overseeding is an easy way to fill in bare spots and enhance your lawn’s color. If a lawn looks worn out and needs increasing amounts of TLC to say healthy, it’s a perfect candidate for overseeding.
  3. Ease off the mowing – Giving your grass a break from mowing helps reenergize your lawn and helps prevent winter brown spots and patches.
  4. Prune and address problem areasWe talked about the importance of fall pruning in our last blog; fall is also a great time to tackle maintenance for diseased or dying trees, shrubs, and other plants.
  5. Consider seasonal plantings – Witch hazel, winterberry, boxwood, and other seasonal plantings can add character and color to your autumn landscape.
  6. Turn off your sprinkler system – If you have an automatic sprinkler system, make sure to blow out the lines before sub-freezing temperatures arrive.
  7. Repair your hardscapes – Patios, pathways, fountains and retaining walls are all subject to conditions that can lead to fall/winter weathering and damage. Address any obvious hardscape problems before the season begins to keep them from progressing.
  8. Take care of the leaves – Dying leaves can suffocate lawns and gardens, so keep your grounds clear!

Need commercial property maintenance in Fairfield or New Haven counties? Trust the pros at Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields. Our highly trained crews are ready to help transition your commercial property from summer’s heat to fall’s chill – contact us today to learn more!