Your Athletic Fields Won’t Last Forever

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By the time your prized athletic field has reached its 25th birthday (on average…your mileage may vary), it will probably need at least some kind of substantial renovation.

Although the kind and scope of the renovation will vary based on field conditions, your budget, and the future use of the field, most athletic field renovation projects aim to accomplish two critical goals: improving drainage and creating the best conditions for your turf grass to thrive.

Ideally, a field will go through several stages of renovation before replacement is necessary; the first of these stages typically includes an extended period of maintenance measures designed to break up subsurface compaction, increase water infiltration, and promote healthy surface conditions. It may also include overseeding with turf varieties that are more weather- and wear-resistant.

But eventually, even those maintenance measures will fail to produce a sustainably healthy and usable playing field; when that time comes, it’s time to bring in a consultant who specializes in athletic field design and maintenance – something we here at Diamond do better than anyone in our Connecticut service area.

Expert athletic field renovations in CT

Our experts have worked on countless athletic fields that have been damaged by heavy use, extreme weather, or poor maintenance. If that’s an apt description for your fields, don’t worry: we can have them back in prime playing shape before you know it.

Our seasoned pros will perform a comprehensive inspection on your field to evaluate surface drainage and assess the need for subsurface drainage – two factors that will help them determine what’s needed to make a renovation project a success.

If intermediate steps can be taken to mitigate the issues with your fields, our team will help you get a plan in place so your fields will ready to go in the spring; if more substantial measures are needed, including replacing your athletic field, we can help you there, too.

Looking for a reliable and professional field construction company in Fairfield, Connecticut, and its surrounding communities? Make your first call to Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields. Contact us today to learn more.