Winter Commercial Landscape Ideas

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Winter can get pretty dreary on commercial properties here in Connecticut – and a little dangerous, too, with icy conditions on roads and laden limbs on trees creating perilous pathways for passersby.

Here are some ideas to create a safer and more welcoming atmosphere for your commercial property in the winter months ahead.

  1. Add cold weather shrubs – Shrubbery can add a lush, manicured texture to your commercial property in winter. Consider adding some green shrubs that are hardy enough to withstand the harshest New England weather – especially ones whose berries or flowers can add some needed color to the property’s pale winter palette. Ilex verticillata (commonly known as winterberry), for example, loses its glossy green leaves in winter, then erupts with red berries that attract both winged and two-legged admirers. Camellia, a flowering shrub, blooms throughout the wintertime.
    For more winter shrub ideas, contact our landscaping pros.
  2. Plant cold weather blooms – Beautiful violas may seem dainty, but don’t be fooled: they were born to grow in the alpine mountains through freezing snow. These violet cousins grow in clusters (perfect for a pathway) and come in blue, yellow, white, purple and bi-colored varieties, adding a pop of color to your dreary winter landscape.
    Consider transitional blooms, too – Daffodils and tulips, for example, are tall flowers that peak up through the soil as winter ends, and dogwood trees produce soft white or pink flowers in the early spring after a cold, snowy season.
  3. Handle pruning and other tree maintenance – Winter is the best time to prune your trees and shrubs, because your plants won’t use up critical nutrients recovering from their wounds; instead, your plants will use those nutrients to survive the cold, ice, and snow. Take care of dormant pruning (pruning when your trees are “hibernating”) in early winter, and clear away any overgrowth or dead limbs. If you have any trees that are on their last legs, remove them in early winter before they become an ice-laden hazard for people on your property.
  4. Have a plan in place for winter drainage – Standing water from melted snow and slush can wreak havoc with commercial landscaping features and create a hazard for employees and visitors to your site – especially if that water re-freezes. Make sure your drainage system is adequate for the needs of your property, and be sure to have snow and ice removed promptly to prevent flooding conditions.

Need winter commercial property maintenance in Fairfield or New Haven counties? The pros at Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields have you covered. Our crews are standing by to help you liven up your winter landscape and keep it safe and beautiful in the cold months ahead. Contact us today to learn more!