How To Reduce Business Landscaping Costs

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Maintaining a commercial property can be expensive, and with most of us keeping a close eye on what we spend this year, it’s a good idea to leave no stone unturned (pardon the pun) when it comes to sensible cost management for your commercial landscape.

The question is how do you lower maintenance costs without sacrificing curb appeal for your property and creating a less-than-ideal impression of your company?

Save Money On Property Maintenance

Here are five possible ways to do it.

  1. Keep your landscape design simple. If you’re starting your landscape design from scratch – or attempting a significant re-design – pay particular attention to the ongoing cost of maintaining your property. With many landscape contractors, this is a factor that takes a backseat to curb appeal, if it’s addressed at all. Keep your designs simple, timeless, and easily updatable to decrease future maintenance costs.
  2. Mulch your landscape beds. Mulching landscape beds saves on water use and lowers the costs of plant replacement. A freshly mulched site also looks great. If budget is an issue, consider applying mulch to the front of your building and the common areas only, rather than applying it throughout the property.
  3. Choose your plants carefully. The choice of plants you make can have a big impact on your long-term business landscaping costs. Opt for native plants that grow naturally in your business location to reduce the amount of care, maintenance, and product you will need to keep your plants alive and healthy. Also, consider decreasing plant spacing and size, since smaller plants usually cost less.
  4. Invest in maintenance. Emergency maintenance is much more expensive than preventing commercial landscape problems in the first place. Regular maintenance will also reduce the likelihood of damage due to severe weather, and can reduce the likelihood of a costly personal injury claim.
  5. Consider artificial grass. While nothing beats the beautiful look of a manicured lawn, artificial grass can work in many settings – especially on smaller properties. Artificial grass eliminates the cost of mowing, fertilizing and weeding.

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