Ball Field Spring Maintenance Checklist

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As we transition to the start of spring here in Connecticut, a big task that many maintenance teams have is making sure that their athletic fields are ready for the start of baseball and softball season.

Not sure what needs to be done? Here is a simple checklist of ten key spring athletic field tasks to help get started. For more details, contact us – we’ll help you get the season off on the right foot!

  1. Mow the turf areas – Every field looks (and grows!) better after it has been mowed.
  2. Remove weeds – Pay particular attention to the skinned areas and infield edge.
  3. Check fences for safety hazards – Check backstops, outfield, and dugout fences to make sure they are in good shape and safe for players to be around.
  4. Take care of critters – No one wants to run through ant mounds! Treat any problem areas and make sure they don’t come back.
  5. Treat the pitcher’s mound and batter’s box areas – These two areas get the most abuse. Fill in any with clay and put dirt on top – this will help provide stability in these areas throughout the season.
  6. Over-seed and top-dress – Test your soil to determine the best way to approach these important tasks. Topdressing application typically consists of a mixture of sand and compost. Once the top dress is in place, the field should be over-seeded, especially in worn areas.
  7. Fertilize – The nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in fertilizer stimulate new growth and increase the turf’s resiliency.
  8. Work on dirt areas – Fill in any low spots in the dirt and remove any weeds that may have come up.
  9. Draft a fertilizer and water schedule for the season – Plan ahead to ensure green grass all season long.
  10. Create and refine your year-round maintenance schedule – Staying on top of in-season and off-season tasks will help keep your fields in great shape year after year, season after season.

Does your athletic field need a little springtime TLC? We can help! Contact the pros at Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields today to learn more: (203) 628-4377.