Athletic Field Maintenance

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How long should an athletic field rest?

Beautiful athletic fields don’t just happen, especially in a place like Connecticut where wear and tear and weather are all in play. It takes a qualified team of professionals to keep athletic fields looking their best. Whether you need a field designed, restored, or maintained, Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields is up to the job.

Athletic Fields are a specialty at Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields. We offer comprehensive seasonal maintenance, field renovation, mound and base installation, and field lining. Our goal is to make sure your field performs for you and your teams. We focus specifically on wear tolerance and stability.

Field maintenance matters

Keeping your athletic field in good shape is about more than just looks. It’s also about safety. A damaged field makes injuries more likely. Maintenance is especially important if your field serves multiple teams, sports, or levels of play.

Give it a rest

Ideally, you want your field to have 100% coverage and grass that is no less than four months old. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. But having professionals taking care of your athletic field can make a big difference. If heavy use or extreme weather has left your field damaged, Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields can have it in prime condition in record time.

What else can you do to get more longevity out of your field? Don’t overuse it. You’ll want to keep traffic off heavily used areas by rotating or shifting the field. For example, on a soccer or football field, you can use portable goals and goal posts. For any sport, have teams utilize different spots on the field each practice so no one section sees all the action. Whenever possible, schedule a rest for your field so that any damaged areas can be repaired and the grass can recover.

Since 1987, Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields has been working to make the earth beautiful one Connecticut property at a time. If you want your athletic field to be a winner, leave it to the experts at Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields. We’ll work within your budget to give you safety, durability, and beauty.

Contact us today for a free consultation and price quote. No job is too big or two small for our team. We’ll take care of your property like it’s our own.