Is Your Commercial Landscape Ready for Winter?

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It’s time to call the landscaping professionals

Do you own or manage a commercial property in Connecticut’s Fairfield or New Haven County? Then now is the time to make provisions for your landscape and its maintenance through the winter months. Failure to take the appropriate steps now could mean your landscape won’t make it through the cold and snow as well as it could. That could mean additional costs in the spring to get your landscape looking its best.

Maintenance Matters

Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields provides a full range of services for landscaping and property care. Our year-round commercial property maintenance plans include the following services:

If you call on the professionals at Diamond Landscapes & Athletic Fields, we’ll make sure your property is ready to face the winter and come out looking its best by springtime.

Just because the weather is cooling down, doesn’t mean your landscape doesn’t still need a lot of TLC. Here are some of the things your landscape needs now to be prepared for the winter months:

Aerate: Aerate your soil so that water, oxygen, and fertilizer will more easily reach the roots. Aerating your soil will also help to prevent it from becoming too compacted, especially under a heavy coating of snow and thereby prevent avoidable damage.

Planting: Now is the ideal time to plant cool season grasses. Ideally, you want your grass seeded about 45 days before the first frost. The present conditions are ideal for quick germination. Now is also a wonderful time to start planting shrubs and perennials.

Leaf Removal: Falling leaves might be a beautiful part of autumn, but you don’t want them covering your grass. Dead leaves block the sunlight and prevent your grass from thriving.

Trim: During the late fall months, the grass should be cut shorter than usual to permit more sunlight to reach the grass during the winter months. This will further help protect the grass from damage due to frost or snow.

Tree Fertilization: If you want your trees looking their best come springtime, they need to be fertilized now. This will improve their resistance to insects and diseases through the winter months and beyond.

Sprinklers: Any water left in your sprinkler system is likely to freeze during the winter and can cause the pipes to burst. That’s an expensive problem you don’t want on your hands. Avoid this by having your sprinklers blown out to remove every drop of water.

Perennial Care: Perennials don’t tend to thrive during the winter. Once the first frost hits, they cease looking their best, especially if they fall victim to pests or disease. That’s why now is a good time to cut them back. They’ll grow back healthier come springtime.

Let us take care of it

When you sign up for one of our maintenance plans, we’ll make sure your Connecticut property is healthy and always looks clean and well maintained. Our services are ideal for businesses of all sizes as well as commercial properties and community associations.

Diamond Landscapes and Athletic Fields proudly serves our residential and commercial customers in Fairfield County and New Haven County in Connecticut.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll survey your property and come up with the best plan to suit the needs of your site.