Keys to make your (baseball) diamonds sparkle

Make Your (Baseball) Diamonds Sparkle

Eight Keys To Good Field Maintenance Maintaining beautiful baseball and softball fields isn’t easy, but it’s well worth the effort. Here are eight must-dos if you want to keep your fields health, safe, and on top of their game. Watch for infield “lip” problems – Infield edges can develop lips as red dirt (infield mix) migrates […]

Watering tips for your athletic fields

Seven Watering Tips For Your Athletic Fields

Water is vital to plants, including the turf on your athletic field: without enough of it, your turf will become seriously weakened and could die or go dormant. Water also helps make your turf more resilient, enhancing its ability to recover from stress caused by heavy use and harsh weather. But how much water does your […]

Tips for fertilizing your lawn this spring

Fertilizing Your Lawn This Spring: Eight Tips

With the coronavirus keeping us home more than usual in the coming weeks, you might find yourself with some unexpected time on your hands as we social distance our way through April. Why not take advantage of that time at home by donning your mask and taking on a little spring lawn maintenance in the […]

Spring baseball field maintenance checklist

Spring Baseball Field Maintenance Checklist

The first day of spring is just around the corner, which means that baseball season will soon be coming to your athletic field! Before spikes meet dirt in the coming weeks, it’s a good idea to have your field maintenance plan in place and ready to implement. Here’s a basic checklist of baseball field maintenance […]

Lawn striping

How Do I Stripe A Lawn?

Think back: What’s your most vivid memory about the first big-league baseball game you ever went to? For many people, it was stepping out from the dark tunnels of the stadium to reveal a seemingly endless sea of green grass, checkered in striking patterns across the outfield. Those stripes aren’t the work of lawn painters […]

Snow melting: When shoveling and plowing isn’t enough

Snow Melting: When Shoveling and Plowing Isn’t Enough

Winter 2019/20 has been a relatively mild one so far in Connecticut, but we New Englanders know not to count our chickens about winter weather: let’s not forget the three Nor’easters we got from late February to mid-March just a couple of years back. In fact, sometimes blizzards hit CT so hard and so fast that […]

Winter landscaping

Four Ideas for Your Commercial Landscape This Winter

Winter can get pretty dreary on commercial properties here in Connecticut – and a little dangerous, too, with icy conditions on roads and laden limbs on trees creating perilous pathways for passersby. Here are some ideas to create a safer and more welcoming atmosphere for your commercial property in the winter months ahead. Add cold […]

Athletic field

Nothing Lasts Forever – Not Even Your Athletic Fields

By the time your prized athletic field has reached its 25th birthday (on average…your mileage may vary), it will probably need at least some kind of substantial renovation. Although the kind and scope of the renovation will vary based on field conditions, your budget, and the future use of the field, most athletic field renovation […]


Why Should I Overseed My Athletic Fields?

When it comes to keeping our athletic fields healthy in the cool and cold months here in Connecticut, one of the most important tasks is overseeding – the process of applying a cool season grass seed (such as perennial rye grass) over an established warm season turfgrass. Why overseed? As fall temperatures drop and nights […]

Landscaping tips

Eight Fall Landscaping Tips for Your Commercial Property

As we near the final days of summer 2019, we’re already beginning to feel fall’s cooling touch on our evenings – and as that chilly weather arrives, it brings changes that will significantly affect the care of your commercial property. Here are some tips for the coming weeks and months to help keep your commercial […]