Is Your Commercial Landscape Ready for Winter?

It’s time to call the landscaping professionals Do you own or manage a commercial property in Connecticut’s Fairfield or New Haven County? Then now is the time to make provisions for your landscape and its maintenance through the winter months. Failure to take the appropriate steps now could mean your landscape won’t make it through […]

Why Field Maintenance Is a Job for the Pros

Hire a landscape professional for your field’s maintenance First and foremost, athletic fields need to be safe and functional. However, you also want your athletic facilities to make a good impression so that your athletes can take pride in where they practice and compete. Now, more than ever, events are happening outdoors. You want your […]

Athletic Field Maintenance

How long should an athletic field rest? Beautiful athletic fields don’t just happen, especially in a place like Connecticut where wear and tear and weather are all in play. It takes a qualified team of professionals to keep athletic fields looking their best. Whether you need a field designed, restored, or maintained, Diamond Landscapes & […]

Pruning Your Commercial Landscape

Labor Day is just around the corner, which means that fall won’t be far behind (believe it or not). Once we head into September, it will be time to think about one of the most important late summer / early autumn tasks you have for your commercial property: pruning. Pruning may not seem like a […]

Six Tips for Wet Baseball Fields

It’s been a rainy summer so far here in Connecticut, leaving many groundskeepers battling wet fields. What should you do to keep your fields dry and get them playable as quickly as possible? Try these six tips. Keep your lips clean – Soil and topdressing materials can build up at turfside edges, creating a hazard for […]

Commercial Lawn Care For Insect Control

It’s About Much More Than Spraying You’ve probably seen your share of pest control trucks rolling up to commercial properties, claiming they can tame unwanted visitors by spraying your property. But there’ a wide gulf between spraying a lawn and caring for it properly to eradicate and prevent the harmful infestations that can sabotage your […]

Preventing Crabgrass On Your Lawn

As summer approaches and hot and dry weather begins, it becomes the prime season for an invasion of crabgrass – an ugly, opportunistic weed that will try its best to get a foothold on your commercial landscape. If you’re a commercial property manager, now is the time to make sure the right preventative measures have been […]

What Is Laser Grading For Athletic Fields?

For many years, baseball groundskeepers have leveled (or “graded”) their playing fields manually to ensure a safe, true field and to allow for effective water drainage. While manually tackling this task is possible, it’s a slow and labor-intensive process that requires lots of experience and expertise to pull off. On an athletic field, grading entails […]

Ball Field Spring Maintenance Checklist

As we transition to the start of spring here in Connecticut, a big task that many maintenance teams have is making sure that their athletic fields are ready for the start of baseball and softball season. Not sure what needs to be done? Here is a simple checklist of ten key spring athletic field tasks […]

How To Reduce Business Landscaping Costs

Maintaining a commercial property can be expensive, and with most of us keeping a close eye on what we spend this year, it’s a good idea to leave no stone unturned (pardon the pun) when it comes to sensible cost management for your commercial landscape. The question is how do you lower maintenance costs without […]